Hoop Central

Hoop Central is a podcast that covers everything basketball. The perfect place for a basketball fan of any stature. Hoop Central is a podcast that takes place once every week, and keeps viewers informed week in and week out. The show has 4 hosts; Nickeem Khan, Justin Pearce, Malik Maaytah-Moreria, and Stetson Colicchio. All of them being second year students at Ryerson University, in their RTA Sports Media program. They’re love and passion for the game, combined with their great chemistry, create an amazing experience for the viewer. Covering headlines throughout the NBA, and the NCAA, viewers will always be up to date in the basketball world. There are much more mainstream sports shows out there, but what makes Hoop Central different is their approach to it. Many fun and unique segments are scattered throughout the show. They know they aren’t going to be able to mimic the likes of people such as Stephen A. Smith, so they stay true to themselves. Hoop Central is a breath of fresh air, and will have you addicted for more after every week. Hoop Central is more than just a show talking about basketball, it’s a community. If you’re a basketball fan, Hoop Central has got you covered.