Live Programmer's Guide

This programmer’s will help you run your live show this semester. Feel free to skip through the sections based on the help you need. 

If you require immediate support contact SpiritLive Staff on Discord.


Arriving at Allan Slaight


To access the SpiritLive studios, programmers must obtain the key to enter SpiritLive Control Room. To access the key, you will need to go to the Keytracer box which is located at the RCC on the second floor near the bathrooms. The Keytracer box will allow you to access the keys that you need. Once you’re at the Keytracer box, follow these steps:

  1. Scan TMU OneCard
  2. Select Take > SpiritLive
  3. Open the cabinet and take out the key surrounded by the red light within 15 seconds
  4. Close cabinet and be sure to not lose the key


Make sure to bring a pair of headphones with you. If you don’t have a pair of headphones, you can rent one at the EDC via the EDC Patron Portal. Make sure to also get a 1/4 inch adapter as well. 

Weekly Attendance

To track your attendance every week, you will need to fill out the Live Show Attendance Tracking Sheet, which can be found in your show folder

Studio Setup

Resetting the Board

Resetting the board ensure that all the setting are corrected. To reset the board, near the bottom right of the control board press and hold on SNAP, then click SNAP 1. The board is now reset!

Channel Strips

Each channel strip controls each audio output:

  • Channel Strip 1: MIC 1
  • Channel Strip 2: MIC 2
  • Channel Strip 3: MIC 3
  • Channel Strip 4: MIC 4
  • Channel Strip 5: AUX
  • Channel Strip 6: COMPUTER AUDIO

Setting Up Microphones

Testing Levels:

  1. Start at 0dB on the Channel Strip
  2. Keep all audio between -10dB and -20dB
  3. Use the PFL button to test levels and audio without broadcasting live

Turning Microphones On :

  1. Click the ON button on the channel strip to broadcast live (TIP: adjust microphone arm before going live)
  2. Make sure that microphone boxes are turned ON (TIP: cough button temporarily mutes microphone)
  3. TB talks to guests in the Interview Room (Talk Back volume: Press SP > Adjust dial)

Playing Music & Stingers

Option 1: Computer (YouTube, Google Drive, etc.)

  1. Play audio from computer with COMPUTER channel strip on

Option 2: iMediaTouch

To play audio with iMediaTouch, you’re going to have to create your own category first. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open iMediaProduction
  2. Create a folder: right-click> ADD
  3. Type in a three-digit code and folder name
  4. Select these options: PCM format, 44100 Hz, 16-bit, stereo (keep in mind only 16-bit files can be uploaded)
  5. IMPORT FILE > select your category > select files > import files
  6. REMEMBER: Adding audio assets must be done BEFORE your show via an Allan Slaight computer. You can book a time via the EDC Portal.

Once you’ve added your assets to iMediaProduction, you can now play them using iMediaPix:

  1. Open iMediaPix
  2. Near the bottom of the screen, scroll to find your category and click on it (if you don’t see your category, try restarting the app)
  3. You can play your assets, but remember there are three different modes: AUTO, PLAY, and PICK
  4. AUTO: automatically plays through everything
  5. PLAY: clicks on song and automatically plays
  6. PICK: click and select order of tracks 

Option 3: AUX

  1. Plug phone into green AUX cord
  2. Make sure the CR MINI channel strip is turned on and your phone volume is all the way up


LEFT BOARD – Adjusting camera angles

  1. Select camera number, pan/zoom using stick and switch

RIGHT BOARD – Controls what goes on-air

  1. PREVIEW: previews the frame
  2. PROGRAM: puts frame to air  

Using the Telephone

Getting caller on the line

  1. Using the telephone near the PC monitor, pick up the receiver, hit 9, then type the phone number you would like to call
  2. Once the call is connected, under the table, there is a button labeled “PHONE LINE”, click the button above that label until it turns green

Broadcasting caller to air

  1. Once the light is green, find the “PHONE” channel strip on the control board and adjust levels accordingly

Going Live / Ending Show

Turning off Music Rotation

The SpiritLive Music Mix (001) will be automatically playing when you open iMediaPix. To stop the music, follow these steps:

  1. Open iMediaPix
  2. Click Auto Off (stops music in this playlist from playing one after the other automatically)
  3. Click Fade Off (fades out the music into no sound)
  4. Click Erase All (erases playlist)

Livestreaming to Streaming Platform (optional)

In addition to live streaming on our website, you can also stream to streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc.

  1. Open OBS, go to Settings, Mic/Aux should be set to DANTE. To do this, go to OBS > Preferences > Audio > Global Audio Device > Select Dante Virtual Soundcard in the drop-down menu for Mic/Auxiliary Sound
  2. Go to your streaming platform and obtain the stream key
  3. In OBS, go to Settings > Stream > Platform > Enter Stream Key
  4. Start/End stream

Ending Show

  1. Once you’re done your show, make sure to turn OFF the microphones and set levels all the way down, except for the computer audio (iMediaPC channel strip)
  2. Reset SpiritLive music rotation. Navigate to SPIRIT 001 category, switch to Auto Mode, then hit Play 
  3. Make sure the space is left tidy (and take headphones!)
  4. Lock the doors!
  5. Return key to Keytracer box

Still need assistance?

Email us at For immediate assistance, message us on Discord.