Make the Cut

Bi-weekly starting 03/07/24


Four lifelong hoopers take on the biggest storylines of the basketball world. Heated debates, exciting games – a deep dive into the NBA and beyond! It’s all happening right here on Make The Cut.

Make The Cut
Make The Cut

This is a podcast hosted by three first year university students, Jacques, Zayaan and Linus, who just love watching, analyzing and talking about hoops.
We cover all things basketball, this includes the NBA, G-League, Overseas leagues, NCAA, and even High School hoops. Every other week we will talk about what’s going on currently in the world of basketball, cover any trades/player movement, and talk about any interesting games that happened between each of our episodes. But the separating factor of our show is the story segment where every other week, we either take an in depth look at some of basketball’s most interesting stories or cover player breakdowns of players you won’t normally see in depth coverage on.

The Month of Madness!

March Madness has arrived, and the best men’s and women’s college teams in basketball are set to fight their way through the tournament. In hopes of claiming the ultimate prize, that is the NCAA championship. Jacques, Linus, Marc, and Zayaan do a deep dive into some of the teams, and players heading into March Madness.