Episodes biweekly

From a land far, far away (Stoney Creek), a blonde girl named Chugs met a brunette girl named Serena from the scary land of Toronto. Destiny brought them together in a magical place called Yonge Street Warehouse, and they became inseparable from that point on. They decided to name themselves Chugerena! Their favourite activities to do together are talking, eating, drinking and smoking. Just kidding! We do not condone that #staysober. They decided to take their talents to the big leagues; Spirtlive! In hopes viewers will enjoy their show that contains topics such as how they met, crazy encounters, and meet a new friend segment (maybe it could be you!) Terroni reviews, ASMR, and so so so much more! Do you enjoy surprises and long tangents? Then Chugerena is perfect for you <3