We Just Met

Episodes biweekly

Welcome to We Just Met, where literally, we just met. Thanks to Covid, we have had the pleasure of meeting about only 5 times. Join hosts Antonia Bonaldi, Haley Hollander, Kiara Palmieri, and Julia Cagalj in getting to know one another while talking about lifestyle, drama, and everything in between. Although the four of us have only met a handful of times in classes, we are all quite comfortable with each other, yet still are excited to get to know each other and navigate our various similarities and differences for an audience. We hope to bring a fresh and light approach to podcasting, generating good vibes and creating memories.

  1. get to know us, while we get to know each other 35:29
  2. Into The Social-Verse 34:08
  3. Answering Guy Questions 28:00
  4. Answering Guy Questions Part 2 32:13