The Locker Room

The Locker Room is a podcast that brings a new perspective to rap and hip-hop. Hosted by Malik Maayath-Moreira and Nickeem Khan, being POC they provide a different view to the genre that holds so greatly to many. Breaking down, discussing big storylines, and showcasing underrated artists, The Locker Room is a hip-hop fan’s escape to paradise.

  1. The Long Awaited Return + Super Bowl Halftime Show Thoughts 30:16
  2. Keep One Album, the Rest Don't Exist 27:36
  3. Thoughts On Posthumous Albums? 21:57
  4. Flaws On Our Favourite Rappers 25:21
  5. TheLockerRoom_GuiltyPleasuresInMusic_Episode5 33:15
  6. Guilty Pleasures in Music 33:15
  7. Childhood Memories With Music 33:29
  8. TheLockerRoom_ChildhoodMemoriesWithMusic_Episode7 25:46