Sister Signs

Episodes weekly

This is a show hosted by two sisters, Leo and Aquarius, exploring the manifestations of astrology in everyday relationships; romantic partners, work colleagues, friendships. On this podcast, we delve into the powerful presence astrology has in real life as well as fictional realities, like T.V., movies or books. Every week we’ll be answering questions from listeners, solving their astrological problems and every other week we’ll chat with fellow astrology-enthused friends. Tune in if you want a good laugh and need to connect with fellow babes who ask their partners’ moms for birth times.

  1. Euphoria and Bossy Capricorns 27:05
  2. Your 6 Personal Planets and Air Sign Couples 28:50
  3. Come Hell or High Water 32:36
  4. Flying Sky High 30:23
  5. Earthly Delights 35:00