NBA: In Depth

Episodes biweekly

Lucas Burns will host NBA: In Depth. He aims to discuss relevant topics in the NBA world. From recent stats and news, to trade deadline insight and salary cap workings, as well as playoff matchups & predictions as the season progresses. The delivery of this podcast will be semi-formal and insightful, especially in regards to the inner workings of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If you have an interest in understanding aspects of NBA statistics outside of basic box score stats and game results, then you’ll enjoy it here as well.

  1. 2021-22 All-Star Picks; First Time All-Stars 29:37
  2. Trade Deadline Outlook Part 1: Pacific & Northwest Divisions 30:06
  3. Trade Deadline Outlook Part 2: Southwest & Southeast Divisions 35:23
  4. Trade Deadline Outlook Part 3: Atlantic and Central Divisions 32:44
  5. Wild 2022 Trade Deadline Recap 28:57
  6. Raptors' Season Review & Playoff Outlook 27:35