From The Nosebleeds

Episodes biweekly

The ‘From the Nosebleeds’ podcast is a football podcast covering not just the ins and outs of the football world, but also the lifestyle of being a fan, pop culture, and just about everything under the sun. Produced by Paolo Gismondi and hosted by Tomas Coburn and Thomas Pocrnic, two guys who often attend sports venues out in the nosebleeds, they know exactly what goes into being a true fan, and living and dying with your team. The two aren’t afraid to release their sometimes outlandish opinions and collaborate with guests to deliver a podcast that becomes much more of an experience, rather than a listen.

  1. Super Bowl Preview & Prop Bets 34:46
  2. 2022 Offseason Predictions 33:58
  3. Russell Wilson Traded To The Broncos 34:30
  4. Free Agency Madness! 33:18