Audio Diary: A Journey To Self Love

Episodes weekly

Audio Diary: A Journey to Self Love is a podcats mini-series for Gen Zers that are all about self-growth. Through anecdotes, advice, and spoken word, we promote self-reflection as a means of getting rid of those toxic habits we may have developed during our younger years. If the thought of your pre-teen years makes you cringe, we invite you to dive on in and listen to one young adult’s vulnerable stories with the hope that you too, will go on your own self love journey. 

  1. Episode 1: Middle School (Part 1) 10:27
  2. To Be black and Alive 1:48
  3. Episode 2: Middle School (Part 2) 9:42
  4. B34uTifUL 2:18
  5. High School 10:24
  6. Sex is 4 boys 3:11
  7. Present 9:35