Tier it Up!

Episodes biweekly

Few things are stronger than the human desire to put things in boxes to make sense of the world. But what if we want to make sense of something stupid, like which children’s cartoon theme song is the best at a rave or which fruit could be used as a weapon in gladiatorial combat? In that case, we bust out the tier list and get to ranking.

Join the eclectic rotating cast of Nick, Ethan, Josh, Sarah, Giada, Julian, Xavi, Maya, Colin, Anita, and Tristan on a journey of nonsensical hypotheticals every other week on Tier It Up!

  1. Cereal Mascots Tier It Up! 34:37
  2. The Drippiest Cartoon Character Tier It Up! 34:42
  3. Monkey Sidekicks Tier It Up! 31:45
  4. Bear Presidents Tier It Up! 24:58