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Have you ever wanted to have a fun conversation without draining your social battery? Leave it to us to do the talking!

Welcome to Half&Half! Your hosts Dana Higuchi and Stephanie Sakaki are here to cure your Pandemic boredom through conversations about everything and anything in pop culture! From relevant topics such as popular films, tv shows, music, and much more, the hosts will make you feel like you’re having a conversation with some friends. 

  1. Subs, Dubs, and Wonka? Half&Half 32:56
  2. Adaptations and Covid Fashion Half&Half 34:11
  3. Spooky Movies and Houdini Half&Half 31:44
  4. Metaverse and Film Versus Television Half&Half 33:02
  5. Free Britney and Biopic Films Half&Half 32:17
  6. Kardashians and Same Apps Half&Half 30:28