Northside Talks

Northside Talks is a live sports show hosted by Skyler Gonzales, Jelani Reid and regularly joined by Darius James and Emmanuel Crepin where every Tuesday for 50 minutes we talk about the most current and relevant news in the world of sports primarily basketball, football and soccer. Although these are the main focuses of the show, we will regularly still expand into other sports such as hockey, baseball, tennis and every other sport in the case of any big occasion. This season on SpiritLive, we as a group want to build a stronger connection with our listeners. This season through our Northside Talks  Instagram account we will encourage our listeners to join in on our discussions by messaging us and give us their input on topics being discussed during the show. The reason being for this is because we want to make sure we cover every angle possible of a sports story and feel that the more people giving their opinions, would give us a better chance at seeing stories in perspectives that we did not. Along with listener participation, we will be constantly asking for feedback and suggestions for the next show so that we could consistently be improving on our weaknesses and our strengths.