Manda Bala

In Brazilian Portuguese, “Manda Bala” means “Send the Bullet”. Best described as “Oprah Winfrey for petty people”, MANDA BALA is a cathartic venting SpiritLive radio show. Every Sunday at noon, fans send letters complaining about personal pet peeves, and special guests have 2 minutes to blindly agree with fans’ pet peeves and take it one step further. You send the complaint. We send the bullet.


Laura Faria is a Brazilian born-and-raised Doritos enthusiast and intersectional feminist. An award-winning graduate from Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance, she is MANDA BALA’s host/producer. Laura dreams of producing animated TV shows, though she would settle for being a Doritos propaganda girl. Catch her all over social media @thelaurafaria.


Clif Knight is a Guyanese born-and-raised Toronto comedian and musician. A singer/songwriter at GoodKnight and co-host at APT 205’s Off-Brand Games, he is also MANDA BALA’s co-host.

Clif dreams of owning his own frozen yogurt shop because “Canadians will eat so many different forms of ice it’s amazing.” Catch him all over social media @clifknightcomedy.