Lyrics, Laughs and Laterals

What happens when you get four Sport Media students who love sports, music, and making people laugh? You get Lyrics, Laughs and Laterals. A show that started in the fall of 2018, Jaren Kligman hosts an hour long show which provides insightful commentary on both the worlds of sports and music. If you want to find out how the Leafs can improve to stop sucking in the playoffs, or how the new Post Malone album was, then this show is for you! Each member on the show has a particular sport in which they are an expert in. Jacob Goldbach knows everything baseball, Noah Titleman is a football fanatic, and Julian Falcone is a hockey enthusiast. However, we are all passionate about every sport, which allows us to have heated debates on a regular basis. Need new music for your playlist? We can help you out with that! Every week we discuss either new music that came out that we really enjoy, or oldies that we have rediscovered. The program concludes with what we call the “Weekly Pet Peeve”. In our favourite segment, Kligman will talk about what is on his mind that is annoying him that particular day. Topics from last year included “Companies who don’t practice what they preach”, and “People who stand on the wrong side of the escalator.” Overall, our main objective with the show is just to have fun. We’re looking forward to an exciting Winter 2020 season!