Life’s a Glitch

Life’s a Glitch is an existential deep dive of simulation theory from three hosts who can’t spell half of those words. From Britney and Gaga to border-walls and government shutdowns, join us every Friday as Boman Reid, Luke Avoledo, and Liam Hart attempt to explain the uncomfortable state of 2019’s nightmarish cultural fabric. Armed with an arsenal of pop-culture references, and more than a few personal stories to share, tune in as we navigate weekly themes and poke holes in the coded hellscape we call reality.

This season you can join the boys for a variety of games and weekly discussions. Craigslist: Glitched Connections showcases the most outlandish and unbelievably thirsty online messages you never wanted to read. Hit or Glitch is a lightning round trial of infamous pop culture moments. Luke’s Conspiracy Corner is Luke Avoledo’s personal cry for help as he spirals into a web of his own conspiracy theory delusions. Maybe you’ll learn something with our quasi-educational Glitchtory Lessons. Each week we’ll be using these games to explore themes we care about like seasonal depression, comebacks, and coming of age. So tune in Friday’s at 6pm for your primetime hot topic glitched out mess, and you maybe won’t regret it.