Juxtapose is a fresh, funny look about the contrasting ways we as humans choose to live our lives. This show is all about gaining perspective and understanding from the people around us. Each week, host, Nicole Pryce, will sit down with her guests and explore two very different lifestyles and with the help of her guests, take an honest and entertaining look at the pros and cons of each. Topics range from anything from Apple or Android, the proper way to eat a meal or our stance on the upcoming election, but let’s be clear, this is not a debate show. The purpose of Juxtapose is to really delve deep into why we do the things we do, even if it’s not the most efficient or common ways, and how we adopt and adapt habits. It is also to show that there is no right way to go about ANY task. In a world that seems hyper-focused on dividing us apart, join us in celebrating our differences in a silly, light hearted, captivating way. And with every episode we will further prove that that there is no one way to navigate this crazy thing we call life.