Inside Jokes

Inside Jokes centers around various humorous topics, discussed by two childhood friends who

grew up in Toronto. We pay too much attention to the world around us and turn everything into a joke, so are you IN or are you OUT?? Join us in strange and funny stories of life in the city, we can’t guarantee you’ll laugh, but you’ll never look at strangers the same. Seriously, some of the stuff we’re experienced will make you wonder if were lying, but don’t worry were not imaginative enough to make this stuff up. Every week our intro song is a surprise cover but with lyrics about our show and stories, will they be terrible? You’ll have to listen to find out!! (spoiler: yes, but in that ‘so bad they’re good kinda way’) We’ll have guest stars coming on to join in the fun as well!

  1. Episode 1 Inside Jokes 30:40
  2. Episode 3 Inside Jokes 46:41
  3. And they weren't roommates Inside Jokes 32:49
  4. Forgive us Jester Inside Jokes 48:15
  5. Party Like It's Not 2020 Inside Jokes 32:33