Hot Take Hockey

Hot Take Hockey, the Spirit Live show, will be providing the viewers with a lot of hot takes and a lot of hockey discussions. Specifically talking about everything NHL, Mitch, Ty, John and Jeffers will be coming at you with some content for all hockey fans of all teams. The rants get heated and the debates get crazy, but the knowledge and research comes along with it. Multiple topics spread out through the one hour show, and always open for recommendations on what the fans want to discuss! We will always talk about relevant hockey stories and current standings and how that will transition into the 2020 NHL playoffs. And talk weekly about who we think are in the lead for the journey to win the Stanley Cup! The people coming from the Hot Take Hockey youtube community have been great and we’re so happy to be bringing a different way of delivering content in a group setting. Hot Take Hockey’s community, along with hype and passion that is brought to the channel weekly, is exactly what will be brought to this show for the future. Hope to see a lot of you watch along every Friday at 5 for our weekly show!