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You HAVE to Play Sifu

You HAVE to Play Sifu By: Matthew Smith Welcome back to “You HAVE to Play This,” the blog where I talk about a video game you HAVE to play each week. This week I’m talking about the 2021 release of the game Sifu. If you’re a fan of video games...

How to Clean YOUR Sneakers

How to Clean YOUR Sneakers By: Nikash Ganguli Sneakers have transcended their initial athletic purpose to become cultural icons within the fashion and streetwear realms. Brands like Jordan, Yeezy, and Nike have released models that are not just footwear but investments and collector’s items. Taking care of your sneakers ensures...

The Box in Dark Silence

The Box in Dark Silence By: Lana Semakova Near the end of the forest, I stumbled upon a rock passageway that was tilted in a way that I could tell was leading deep underground. I wandered down this tunnel, downwards, downwards into a slim cave-like hallway. All that I could...

Broadcasting LIVE from Toronto Metropolitan University

SpiritLive is a 24-hour a day, 7 days a week internet broadcaster, featuring original content produced by students of the RTA School of Media from our studios in TMU’s Rogers Communication Centre. SpiritLive’s goal is to provide RTA students with a platform from which they can create and disseminate media, putting to use the knowledge, skills, and creativity they have honed in the RTA School of Media.

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