Hoikety Sports

Hoikety Sports Live is a weekly sports talk radio show featuring hosts Mike Jagassar, Mitchell Cairns and John Nardi.  Founders John Nardi and Mike Jagassar recently added Mitch Cairns as its third host to the group this offseason.  When it comes to North American sports, we cover it all.  We rarely agree on something, but we never fail to deliver entertaining sports talk all the way from the OUA/NCAA to the NFL or the NBA.  Our three hosts have a variety of perspectives and interests.  Mikes passion for hockey is unmatched.  John is known for his participation and passion for strength sports as well as his expertise on the big four sports (hockey, football, basketball, baseball).  John never fails to deliver a hot take or a pessimistic opinion on Toronto sports.  Mitch has a passion for the NBA and the NFL and often serves as the buffer between the clashing opinions of Mike and John.  If there is one thing the three of us love most, it would definitely have to be proving each other wrong.  Our show is known for its high profile guests such as Ken Reid from Sportsnet.  We feature OUA athletes on our show and encourage them to either call in or come into the studio in person to deliver our fans the best possible content.  If you love sports, Hoikety Sports Live is the show for you.