Gettin’ Real

Ayooooooo, it’s Tessa and Alex and we’re the hosts of Getting Real with Tessa and Alex. Let’s get real for a second, we are two friends who talk A LOT. Ask anyone. Or test it out yourself every Friday from 11-12, we challenge you. We like to talk about anything and everything, there’s really no limit. BUT we always keep it real! We are first-year media production students who find importance in almost everything we do, whether it be our friendships and assignments or the flickering lamp on the corner of Yonge st. and Gerard. We over-analyze, talk A LOT and we tend to give advice as well. We love a good old chat so join in on the conversation! Hear ya (haha get it? Cuz we’re a radio show….not funny? My bad) Fridays 11-12!