Gamer Time; the way home

Calling all gamers! Get you gamer chairs out and grab your dew cause it’s about to get E-E-EPIC. Watch your hosts pwn noobs and talk about RADICAL TOPICS. We not only are the most skilled gamers in the Haloverse (lmao u’d only get that reference if ur an EPIC GAMER), but we deliver the sauce right to your gamer den. Gamer news, gamer game reviews, gamer gameplay?? (maybe). Want to hear the most 1337 of elites argue about the most insignificant points of video games? Want to hear unqualified students complain about game design as if they could do it better? Then we’ve got GAMER DEBATES. Watch your hosts duke it out in the battle arena, arguing about why they don’t like something that somebody else likes.  All this delicious gamer content and more! We might be using Gameshark cause it’s cheating for a podcast to be this good.