Fresh Off the Plane

Fresh off the plan is a podcast about travelling. For each episode, the hosts and occasionally a guests will talk about their experience about a country that they have been to. They will talk about food, culture, trends, people, scenery, fashion, and anything they’ve observed in that country. The tone of the show is fun and friendly as the hosts are friends and talking, joking with each other. They will talk about experience, personal stories and recommendation for anyone who’s interested in travelling. The podcast will open with an intro that sounds like an announcement at the beginning of a flight when the flight attendants and the captain are speaking. Then it will follow through the journey like a trip and ends with the landing announcement.

  1. Episode 1 Fresh Off the Plane 1:02:15
  2. Episode 2 Fresh Off the Plane 57:02
  3. Episode 3 Fresh Off the Plane 40:05
  4. Episode 4 Fresh Off the Plane 48:17
  5. Episode 5 Fresh Off the Plane 40:49
  6. Episode 6 Fresh Off the Plane 38:45
  7. Episode 7 Fresh Off the Plane 1:07:26