Forgive Me Father

Forgive Me Father asks listeners to tell their deep secrets, confessions, unpopular opinions and whatever they’re afraid to say out loud. Once a week, our hosts Nada, Abdel, Aphiah, Omeir and Blessing sound off on the submissions and share their own confessions. The five and special guests talk about everyday problems, personal plights and embarrassing moments while being equally cautionary and teasing. As none of the hosts are qualified, the reactions and advice feel like they’re coming from a friend, including the light roasting. With a comedic twist, the hosts offer friendly advice and try their best to help listeners feel heard. The 5 hosts all have unique personalities and with that, unique perspectives and interpretations that are sure to create a free space to be honest and have a good time. Our instagram is @forgivemefathers and there you can find the submission links, ask questions and learn more about the pod! Come in weekly to hear a deep dive into the minds of the hosts and anonymous listeners!

  1. Episode 1 Forgive Me Father 49:16