Football’s Finest

Football’s Finest is Spirit Live’s newest NFL podcast. Every episode the four hosts will breakdown the week in NFL news, and other interesting topics. While talking recent news, the show will also feature fun segments such as, hot takes, countdowns, and rankings. Each episode will have the same structure but will all be different and unique from one another so be sure to catch every episode! The four hosts are, Elan Chark (Bills fan), Aaron Hilson (Browns fan), Zack Gilmore (Rams fan), and Matt Eichhorn unknown). The four hosts are very good friends with a great rapport and knowledge of the game, well except for Zack. The show is very informative, however is conversation based with debates and a comedic approach. Episodes will be featured weekly, 1 hour long. Four former football players come together to recap all NFL news, highlights, and to talk some smack. If you like or love football, you wont want to miss this.