First Pasts is a show speaks to the journey almost everyone takes. At one point everyone in university or college was sitting in there last year of high school wondering what to do. First Pasts is a show where I host students from all around Ryerson. Each interview we will learn how each individual student was influenced by the life around them outside of the classroom, to choose their university path. Each person has lived a unique life that can hold excitement at any turn. I hope with this show others may be able to learn about paths they might not have been introduced to or learn more about the path they are on. With each guest bringing a new story to light the show will adapt to them, trying to help tell their stories. So take some time time to think right now about how you got where you are sitting now? What life stories led you to your university decision. But remember that every Saturday at noon, I will have someone tell all of us their story. Make sure to tune into SpiritLive.