Film Me In

Film Me In is a podcast hosted by Veena Singh, Becca Lownie, Madi Hanaka, and Zareen Husain, talking about anything and everything film and TV-related. Each week these ladies will cover a different topic spanning from different film genres, specific film reviews, local media events like the Toronto International Film Festival, or controversies like the flood of Disney remakes hitting theatres. All coming from different backgrounds and upbringings each of these ladies has a unique opinion to share on the film and tv industry. Film Me In offers a bi-weekly half-hour catch up with friends, who love talking shop and spilling tea. While opinions can get heated, every week we wrap on a lighter note with some sort of silly fun game that you can play along with, involving silly hijinks and guessing plots of films and television shows. Film Me In is the perfect easy listen for any media-obsessed junkie!