Exploro dives into world cultures and subcultures through informative discussions and curated sound design for a fun experience. Join Bethanie, Jodie, Nikita, and Ynna as they learn more about the world and others through cultures.

  1. Modesty Culture in Today's Society Exploro 27:24
  2. Apology Culture Exploro 57:12
  3. Beauty in Different Cultures Exploro 38:39
  4. Love and Affection in East Asian Cultures Exploro 38:17
  5. Hustle Culture in Toronto Exploro 19:45
  6. Pandemic Culture Exploro 35:56
  7. Sustainability Culture Exploro 33:02
  8. Ageism and Chronological Snobbery - The Importance of Appreciating a Full Life Exploro 30:06