Does it Help?

Olivia is a Toronto native who immerses herself in the intellectual and artistic. Ambitious with a thirst for knowledge and need for growth, she is constantly changing for the better to improve her biggest investment; herself. Sari, a media production student at SpiritLive’s very own Ryerson University, can’t remember what happened last night but she’s out of darts. Her parents’ highest expectation of her is quoted to be “hopefully not killed by the state”.

Despite their differences, these two share the bleak existence of the newest generation in an unstable future and all the stress that comes with it. ‘Does It Help?’ is a fifty minute radio show delving into all areas of the self-help community to improve not only the hosts but the lives of their listeners. They’ll explore the history, science, and teachings of the world’s popular ‘wellness’ trends with lots of humiliation, tests of will and humour along the way. With Olivia’s desire for self improvement and Sari’s ‘well I can’t get any worse’ attitude, the two will explore all forms of self-help, from time tested spiritual rituals and scientifically proven methods, to the insane tricks of CEO’s and tech bros, to whatever Gwyneth Paltrow is selling. They’ll try it so you don’t have to.