Cue the Music

“Cue the Music” is a radio show that discusses everything related to music. We will talk about subjects such as: the top 40s music (like pop and rap), scandals that have occured in the music world and big news about artists. We can’t forget about all the underrated artists out there and of course the local Toronto artists that we will also focus largely on as the show progresses. As music nerds our information will be all up-to-date and about the biggest news in the music world at that given time. Our crew consists of people who are passionate about making music and becoming an artist themselves, to people who just enjoy music and think talking about it is fun and entertaining. By having this diverse range of music taste in the group, it means we will have a diverse range of interesting and interactive information within our shows. Whether you want to become a musician or just want to hear a bunch of not quite adults inform, get heated and talk about what is happening in the music world this is the show for you. We are streaming every Wednesday from 5-6pm only on Spiritlive. As our radio show would say: “DJ, Cue the Music”.