Bubble Wrapped Teens

Hi there, and welcome to Bubble Wrapped Teens where it’s just a couple of teens complaining about their first-world problems—just kidding! We really just want to share our struggles of commuting and first-year problems with our fellow commuters and as you know, Ryerson is mostly a commuter school.  Featuring your hosts, Benson, Brianna and Jubel, we want to be relatable to you because let’s be honest: we all have a lot to say about downtown Toronto. From discussing funny or bizarre commuter stories to just an episode about missing a designated lunchtime – man I wish I had me one of those – our show aims to be something that you all can say, “oh my gosh, same”. In addition to us just talking, we want to hear from you guys! Every week we’ll put up a post asking what you have to say about each week’s topic. Although being in Media Production is not the most common program to be into, we hope that you can look past that and connect with us through our stories and just being, well, (not so young) teens. Whether you’re from Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Barry, Aurora, Richmond Hill or any of the places I’ve forgot to mention, we all go to the same place: Ryerson. Streaming every Friday at 3 PM, tune in to hear what we have to say about the city of Toronto! This is Bubble Wrapped Teens coming to you live!