Bless Your Heart

Aw, bless your heart! You love country music, don’t ya? I’m Komal. I’m in my final year of RTA: Media Production and thanks to Spiritlive, radio broadcasting is now my one true love. Thanks Spiritlive! Now how’d we get to this show concept? Well… last year I spent a week in Tennessee and I learned 2 things: 1) I am wholeheartedly invested in the country music world and 2) I’ll now be honkey tonking until the day I die. And so, here we are, setting the stage for my final radio show of my undergrad: Bless Your Heart. I’m here to complete all your southern dreams because I’ve got the best country music line up on the station and I’ll make sure you hear your favourites every Thursday at 8pm. But don’t worry you’ll know what is going on with some of your favourites like Dolly Parton (the actual Queen of everything) because I’ll be dishing all the celebrity news too. My one goal as your host is letting you in on the best new artists both locally and in the southern states of the USA. I’ll be calling the ultimate country gal and super cool human Marina in Nashville. Her job will be reporting to us the newest and coolest bands coming straight out of Music City. So keep your cowboy hat on your head y’all because this show is going to blow you away yeehaw!