Binge Watchers

Welcome to Binge Watchers! Where we discuss a different television series from a streaming platform each episode, and discuss if the series is binge watchable or not. In each episode, we will talk about the people behind the show, the stars, and our general opinions about the series. Mixed with our witty banter and unmatched chemistry, tune in as we talk anything and everything TV from two friends obsessed with the medium.

  1. Episode 1 Binge Watchers 27:54
  2. Episode 2 Binge Watchers 1:02:55
  3. A Marvelous Episode Binge Watchers 51:52
  4. Living in a Black Mirror episode Binge Watchers 41:23
  5. Best of 2020 Binge Watchers 45:58
  6. Looking Forward Binge Watchers 31:44
  7. Episode 7: Period Pieces Binge Watchers 32:46
  8. Wandalorian Binge Watchers 30:15
  9. Episode 9: Mini-Series Finale Binge Watchers 31:36