Basket Case

In the NBA podcasting universe, there appear to be a quadrarchy of show formats that have become fruitful with listeners. These are: the super-analytical, number rattling podcasts, which have deterred the more casual NBA fans, the fun, yet less informative pods, which are basically listened to by casual NBA fans before they graduate to more analytical pods, the pods in which former players trash the modern NBA, typically with nonsensical or very subjective reasoning, and finally, the current NBA players’ podcasts that are more based in fun and games than hard-hitting analysis because they understandably don’t want basketball to dominate one hundred percent of their lives. Then there’s Basket Case. A humble, student run NBA podcast, that aims to capture the first two, as their literally non-existent budget could not make room for a former NBA player to talk about how the league is “soft,” and how they preferred less efficient games with worse decision making. At Basket Case, we do our best in bringing in-depth analysis to the NBA podcasting table, without sacrificing entertainment. On this podcast, hosts Noah Levinson and Seth Nefsky talk about the topical NBA world, while trying to bring some light into the cellar of number referencing basketball analysis podcasts. They also fool around with segments not included on other NBA shows, like scripted comedy. If this is your style, come check out Basket Case.