Bae Watch

Welcome to Bae Watch!

We are a dynamic and engaging girl trio that creates content with a focus on dating and relationships, pop culture, and music. Hosted by your 3 favourite RTbAes: Steph, Emma and Ksenia. Each episode, we share information on our personal lives, we discuss relevant
topics within the dating world, and try to interview someone in the media field. To give you a better idea, in the past, we had the opportunity to interview television personality Jessi Cruickshank, Canadian Juno Award nominated artists Alx Veliz and KAPRI, platinum singer-songwriter Tyler Shaw, Canadian actor Shane Kippel, Bachelorette star Robby Hayes, reality television stars Cory Wharton, Ozzy Morales, and more. Tune in to our show every Monday at 4pm to catch all the fun and excitement!