A Little Stitious

Whether it be Friday the 13th or thinking your life depends on a black cat, we are here to
explore the bizarre world of superstitions.
A Little Stitious podcast is a show where we talk about different superstitions from all over
the world and give background information about it. Our show has four hosts; Sarah Oliveira,
the one who started this in the first place, Nathan Rosenthal, the impulsive asshole with too
much to say, Grace Comia, probably the only sane one, and Tina Huang, who brings a little
spice to the table. The show will consist of a different superstition every week, no matter how
weird it is. Every superstition will be researched from where it originated to where it stands
in today’s society. Each host will give their opinions on the superstition and whether or not
they believe in it. We will invite guests to the show to deliver their input as well, whether
they believe in it or think it’s absolute bullshit. Our podcast brings a new comedic take on the
world of superstitions.
If you enjoy four Gen-Z intellectuals fighting over things that most likely don’t exist, then
you’re in the right place. After all, we may not be 100% superstitious, but we are a little