5 n’a Game

5 N’A Game is a hockey talk show/podcast that consists of four unique voices who deliver their opinions and analysis on hot takes and other current news around the Hockey world, covering all of the hot takes, news, and rumours about the NHL. We will also provide our own opinions on certain topics as well as provide our own hot takes from time to time. The show’s host, Julian Donato is a level-headed realistic sports guy who argues both sides. Our other three voices are Liam Crothers, who is all about stats and facts, Stefano Suppa, who is a die-hard hockey guy and is very loud about is opinions. and then there’s Jack Shapiro, he is the guy who has to say something different from everybody else. We would also have some sound bites from our sound guy Calvin Eberts, who would provide his opinion on our discussion. Don’t get offended if our opinions are crazy and unagreeable, they’re just our opinions and our views on the matter. Hope you enjoy our arguments on hockey. Tune in to Spirit LIve and listen to our fun and witty banter!