3 on 5

Are you looking for more arguments in your life? Are you over competitive when it comes to completely harmless contests that won’t affect your life in any actual way? Do you like keeping score on things that most people have already forgotten about? Do you exhaust your loved ones with basketball hot takes that they don’t care about? Are you getting annoyed by how many questions I’m asking? If that sounds like you, 3 on 5 is the perfect podcast for you. 3 on 5 is an NBA debate podcast hosted by second year sport media students, Bowen Cunningham and Seth Nefsky. 3 on 5 puts its contestants to the test by debating them about topical NBA questions. Here’s how it works: one of Bowen or Seth judges, while the other debates the guest on five NBA questions. These questions could be anything from “Who will win MVP?” to “What team is the most exciting in the NBA?,” to “Pitch an Oklahoma City Thunder trade.” Each question is worth one point, and between each round, the judge picks the winner. The first debater to three points, wins 3 on 5, while the other is shamed for underperforming. Just kidding. Nothing happens to the other debater. We promise.