Ten Lessons to Take Away from Buffer Fest

Written by Andrea Vahrusev

This year, Buffer Fest took place over the weekend of October 20th to the 23rd. The event brings together tons of creators —many of them being YouTubers— to downtown Toronto where attendees engage and learn from the experienced entrepreneurs.

The festival is split into different events such as panels, screenings, and workshops. Many community partners come together in support of the festival and one of them being our very own, Ryerson University. This year, SpiritLive sent out one of their own volunteers to accumulate information for future and current creators of all types.

Here are some of the lessons learned from Buffer Fest:

1) Media value can be determined by the reach (viewership, subscribers) and the engagement (likes, shares, comments) a creator has.

2) Clickbait isn’t always bad. There are two types of clickbait. Bad clickbait means audiences view your content, it doesn’t relate to the title. Good clickbait means your title is intriguing and the viewer remains engaged with the interesting story. Don’t be afraid of clickbait!

3) Being a sellout only happens if the creator uses too much brand information meaning they follow a script that makes the promotion of a product seem unnatural. But brand deals aren’t  bad if the creator promotes them genuinely. Extra money isn’t bad either, don’t be embarrassed to make a living. Adsense is only one part of the earnings.

4) Peter Hollens, a well established YouTuber said, “You have to do something you love. If you do something for the wrong reasons you will fail…love the work that’s going to take you there.” In translation, love your craft. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’ll feel like time is wasted. When you love what you do, you’ll feel internally rewarded.

5) To be successful, commitment and discipline are key.

6) Learning to take a concept and execute it is important. You learn to be on all ends of a spectrum in terms of producing content.

7) Think of the resources you already have and take advantage of them. Don’t let things go to waste because other people have better resources than you.

8) Over-saturation can be tiring. Stay unique.

9) Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go as planned or you feel like you’re not reaching enough people. Persistence is important and it’s easier if you’re actually passionate about what you’re doing. (Refer to lesson #4)

10) The story is the key. Without the story, there’s nothing to be made. The story starts with you.

Andrea is our graphic designer and youtube lover! Stay tuned for more.