Life is a Cabaret

Life is a Cabaret! Is a radio show that explores all things musical theatre. From playing iconic showtunes, sharing the latest Broadway news, introducing new musicals and sharing in the culture of theatre, Life is a Cabaret! Is about creating a space for theatre lovers to come together and join in the celebration of musicals. As your host, I strive to create an engaging, entertaining and informative show that connects you to the world of music theatre every Thursday at 6. Each week, I will create a tailored musical playlist filled with modern musical hits, classic pieces of theatre history and hidden gems that you may not have heard of. I’ll also catch you up on the latest theatre news and keep you well informed on what’s happening on Broadway. Perhaps we’ll interview local theatre artists or directors on what it’s like to actively work within the eclectic entertainment industry. Join me as we continue this new journey, exploring the wonderful world of musical theatre and discovering how life truly is a cabaret.