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SPIRITLive @ The St. Lawrence Market

SpiritLive’s Evening at The Market

I’ve lived in Toronto for four months now and I believe I finally got to experience one of the truest gems of the city – the St. Lawrence Market.

Last night I joined those able to grab their hands on a pair of tickets for what the St. Lawrence Market calls, ‘Evening at the Market’ . I never thought I would say this but turns out there is such a thing as eating too much delicious food. Evening at the Market is an event where the merchants who are there all year round are able to showcase what they are all about. It brings light and shows the true magic of what the people who make up the St. Lawrence market have to offer and I was determined to capture all of it.

I made my way downstair to coat check, checked in, got a drink, and started what seems liked a Tour de France of food – endless array of mini dishes everywhere. I over heard one lady describe it as “a night of endless tapas.” I passed vendor after vendor and I just knew I had to hit every spot, trying to beat majority of lines.

First stop was Say it with fruit which featured the owner Aneta Lekas. The display she had was absolutely amazing.


You find yourself staring at it for than the appropriate amount time but it’s because you just stand there questioning how long it actually took her to do it. I got to speak to Aneta, she told me it was her first year at the Evening at the Market but looked very excited as she carved flowers out of onions. She handed me one and I told I was too scared to eat it because it looked so beautiful. She responded with a smile and said she treats her food like wedding cakes; creates them to look beautiful but makes sure its inevitably eaten. Her passion illuminated through her smile and that mere sentence.

Next I approached the stand that had pizza – my weakness. The dough was homemade and was light as air. I resisted the temptation for a second piece. After that I went to Harbour Front Organic foods for my second favourite, glass noddles with beef. I ate the full dish it was so delicate but so delicious. One of the most memorable vendors I went to was La Boucherie they displayed several options; sausage and mini burgers and being the meat lover I am it was quite delicious. But that wasn’t the most memorable part. Two of the coworkers were grabbing people’s attention by dancing and inviting everyone to join them on such a magical night. It was quite refreshing to watch, simple light hearted fun. I found myself smiling even as I walked away.










My list could go on forever but let me list to you some of my personal favourites:


  • Fresco Cheese with apples


  1. Honey cake and apple tart
  2. Arancini with pulled beef
  3. Peameal bacon sandwich
  4. Various amounts of Ribs
  5. Apple Fritter
  6. Fresh ravioli

Towards the end of my blissful experience I came across the most lovely couple. As if I wasn’t already in awe at the whole experience, they truly put this whole event around me into perspective in a few short sentences. As we started chatting they told me how they’ve been all over the world to some of the most famous markets everywhere from Brisbane to Iceland but nothing compared to the St. Lawrence market. img_2510National Geographic ranks it number one in the world that offers the best fresh and local foods. As I continued walking around I let those words sink in and I finally understood why it was number one. Every single vendor shared the same thing – love of food. Every single merchant were extremely excited to share their dishes but their eyes lit up as they watched people thoroughly enjoy it. Their love for their craft was inspiring and  infectious; a massive contributor that will drive you to fall in love with everything the St. Lawrence Market has to offer. This event was a brilliant way to fall in love with the market and even our city that houses it. I leave with a sincere appreciation for the merchants who are there to share their love with our city.


Written by Olivia Morresi, our social media manager.


WELCOME TO NOVEMBER, EVERYONE. Is this where I cue music to play ‘Its the most wonderful time of the year’ ?. As I find myself walking to the subway decked out in a ridiculously obnoxious scarf (we all know the type) I feel a sense of busyness, from everyone. But lets all breathe because it turns out we live in a pretty exciting city this month. So sit back, relax, and let SpiritLive update you on ways to really make your November rock.


November 1-30: Movember

Classic Movember is back so you can look forward to seeing all those lovely grown moustaches throughout Toronto. As the movement focus to raise money for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health suicide prevention. Participate or donate if you can!

November 5: Just For Laughs Tour

West Jets presents the Just for Laughs Tour! November 5 JFL is bringing comedians Dane Cook, Vinny Fasline and John Campanelli to the Sony Centre of Performing Arts. Need a good laugh? This is the perfect place you will want to be.

November 18: Distillery district Christmas Market

Everyone’s favourite Christmas Market is back! Starting November 18th get those legs moving and take a nice little stroll through the distillery district and enjoy getting in the christmas spirit. There’s nothing better.


November 19: Illuminte

Its a magical time of year and on Saturday November 14 Yonge-Dundas square is kicking off the tree lighting ceremony. There will be live music starting at 5PM and lighting the tree at 6PM. Is there anything better than celebrating the start of the winter season with your community.


November 20: Santa Claus Parade

Starting at 12:30 the 112th annual Santa Claus Parade is back to cheer up everyone spirits! To the route for the parade go to

November 23-26: Regent Park Film Festival

Toronto’s 14th annual Regent Park Film Fest is back offering many films to the public all festival long. This is the perfect event for just a casual night out but it is also extremely enjoyable for the film buffs. Not only are there screenings the festival has scheduled school programs and workshop at no cost.


Written by Olivia Morresi, our Social Media Manager.

The night before St. Lawrence Market

Written by Olivia Morresi

Twas’ the night before the market, when all through the house,

Everyones stomach’s were stirring, even a mouse,

St. Lawrence market was ready, decorated with care,

In hopes that many unique food dishes would soon be there,

The children were nestled all snug in their bed,

While visions of 75$ tickets that include all food and drinks, danced in their heads,

And Mama eating a feast for the senses and I in my cap,

Had just settled our tummies for a long winter’s nap,

When out on down the street there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter ,

Away to a taxi I flew like a flash,

To end up at the St Lawrence Market where I must dash,

Line after line waiting for the delicious food of the South Market Merchants,

Unfortunately that one special ticket is sold out to purchase,

But do not fear because SpiritLive is here!

SPIRITLive will be covering Evening at The Market in St. Lawrence Market. The tickets are 75$ and give you full access to all food, drinks, AND live music! The proceeds from the even will go Second Harvest. They are saving food and so you should go check them out. Unfortunately tickets are all sold and cannot be purchased at the door BUT you can live vicariously through us so that we can hopefully see you grab your tickets next year!

Ten Lessons to Take Away from Buffer Fest

Written by Andrea Vahrusev

This year, Buffer Fest took place over the weekend of October 20th to the 23rd. The event brings together tons of creators —many of them being YouTubers— to downtown Toronto where attendees engage and learn from the experienced entrepreneurs.

The festival is split into different events such as panels, screenings, and workshops. Many community partners come together in support of the festival and one of them being our very own, Ryerson University. This year, SpiritLive sent out one of their own volunteers to accumulate information for future and current creators of all types.

Here are some of the lessons learned from Buffer Fest:

1) Media value can be determined by the reach (viewership, subscribers) and the engagement (likes, shares, comments) a creator has.

2) Clickbait isn’t always bad. There are two types of clickbait. Bad clickbait means audiences view your content, it doesn’t relate to the title. Good clickbait means your title is intriguing and the viewer remains engaged with the interesting story. Don’t be afraid of clickbait!

3) Being a sellout only happens if the creator uses too much brand information meaning they follow a script that makes the promotion of a product seem unnatural. But brand deals aren’t  bad if the creator promotes them genuinely. Extra money isn’t bad either, don’t be embarrassed to make a living. Adsense is only one part of the earnings.

4) Peter Hollens, a well established YouTuber said, “You have to do something you love. If you do something for the wrong reasons you will fail…love the work that’s going to take you there.” In translation, love your craft. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’ll feel like time is wasted. When you love what you do, you’ll feel internally rewarded.

5) To be successful, commitment and discipline are key.

6) Learning to take a concept and execute it is important. You learn to be on all ends of a spectrum in terms of producing content.

7) Think of the resources you already have and take advantage of them. Don’t let things go to waste because other people have better resources than you.

8) Over-saturation can be tiring. Stay unique.

9) Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go as planned or you feel like you’re not reaching enough people. Persistence is important and it’s easier if you’re actually passionate about what you’re doing. (Refer to lesson #4)

10) The story is the key. Without the story, there’s nothing to be made. The story starts with you.

Andrea is our graphic designer and youtube lover! Stay tuned for more. 

We Day 2016

Written by Paige Neddeau.


On October 19 the We Movement event We Day Toronto took place at the Air Canada Centre. The event brought together world-renowned speakers, A-list preformers and over 20,000 youth to celebrate and mark the start a year of social action.


The powerful event hosted by actress and UNAIDS ambassador Zendaya featured many well known speakers and performers such has Singer Jason Derulo, American Idol host Paula Abdul

and many Canadian change makers including Youtube entertainer Lilly Sigh, four-time Canadian Olympic medalist Penny Oleksiak, recording group Hedley, astronaut Chris Hadfield and lead singer of the Tragically Hip Gord Downie.


The co-founders of WE, Marc and Craig Kelburger spoke to the crowd to remind them of the importance of living WE. The event also featured a moving performance from Macklemore and Grod Downie.  In a passionate performance Macklemore premiered his single “Drug Dealer” about his past addiction to prescription drugs. Later The Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie preformed “The Stranger” the single to his new project “The Secret Path” in honour of the 50th anniversary of a young Ojibway boys death after his escape from a residential school. We Day also shared ways to create a change through we movement campaigns such as we scare hunger, we bake for change, and we schools.

Mackelmore Singing his new single

Mackelmore Singing his new single




Paige Neddeau is a SpiritLive Programmer appearing in our 2016 fall season. 

10 reasons 6Fest was fantastic… despite no Drake appearance.


10 reasons 6Fest was fantastic… despite no Drake appearance

Being within the crowd at 6Fest I noticed one thing; the mutual feeling of suspense as everyone patiently waited for Drake. It was quite electrifying, really. Every time Drake had a part in a featured guests song or his own song was played a little bit of hope was added to each individuals heart. If you think this feeling did not exist then you’re lying to yourself. Because it was there.

Any who, spoiler alert kids, Drake did not show up. And as much as I feel personally attacked (just kidding, relax) I’m going to blame it on the fact that Drake’s ankle was really poorly damaged and lets be real – we need our 6 God to heal. But everyone relax your pretty little heads because despite not having Drake, 6fest was still kick ass.

  1. Free sunglasses and beads thrown at the crowd

Ryerson gave out some free merch. Lets get real we all love free stuff. Being a student myself, I accept the fact that I’m broke so receiving anything remotely free makes my heart flutter a little bit. Even though it might be completely useless – its the sentiment that counts.

  1. 6fest is two bloody days long!

I feel like we need to look at the bigger picture here, Ryerson. Every year we get a concert that is two.days.long. Go see if UofT does. (No shade… all love.)

  1. So much love to go around

Being at 6fest I felt the love. Whether it was the couple making out beside me, the group of friends all dancing and rapping together, or being completely squished in between two complete strangers one thing was for sure; this event is always the perfect opportunity to spread the Ryerson love together. And we do.

  1. Experiencing the raging bass that followed Diplo

Diplo knew how to get a school up and jumping. With his killer remixes and infectious beats everyone was waving their arms and engulfing themselves in the bass. If you look closely to the video you can even see one mate’s legs in the air. Now thats a true good time.

  1. Celebrating reading week with Pusha T

2Lets be real… being able to take a break from school and able to come out and see Pusha T. That. Is. Dope. That is all. Think about that for a moment. Let it soak in.






6. Witnessing Roy Wood$ mad foot work


6fest allowed students to experience Roy Wood$ sultry lyrics with back beats that give a soul feel while having an electronic hip hop beat. At songs “How I feel” and “Gwan big up urself” Roy show cased his vocals but also his wicked dance moves that hyped the crowd even more.



  1. Hearing DVSN live

Enough said. If you have never heard DVSN live, YOU MUST. It was absolutely fantastic. The clarity of Daniel Daley was just astounding. His falsetto ALONE could make a girl melt to the floor. It was unreal.








  1. The unreal mashup of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson

If you were not 6fest you could not experience the gift that DVSN had given us which was the beautiful and incredibly awesome mix of Aaliyahs ‘One in a million’ and Michael Jacksons, ‘Billie Jean’. A true gift was presented at that moment.


  1. Being able to scream “HAAAN” over and over again

With French Montana making an appearance Ryerson was filled with joy while they got hyped to   his newest music and classics from when he started. But most importantly, we all got the share the moment of screaming “HAAN” with French as loud as we could. It was liberating.4


  1. This festival reminds us how lucky we are to have an awesome school

Despite no Drake, we all have to remember how awesome RU truly is in giving us a night to remember.




Toronto Concert Roundup – April 2016

April is a HUGE month for concerts in this city. Whether you prefer a stadium-sized affair, or a small club show — you won’t have any trouble finding an event to help you procrastinate during this exam season.

Here are some shows we’re looking forward to attending in April:


It should take absolutely NO persuasion to get any music fan to this show. The infamous Chicago alt-rock band — on their “Plainsong” tour — will be playing stripped-down versions of their greatest hits. Liz Phair is set to open.

Here’s the classic, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” off of the iconic 1995 album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness:



Fresh off the release of her latest album, ANTI, Rihanna will be kicking off a two night stand at the ACC on Wednesday the 13th — to (nearly) sold out crowds on both nights. Ticket-holders probably wouldn’t be too far off in assuming #6ixGod Drake may show up to perform with his “friend” and frequent collaborator. If that’s not reason enough to buy tickets, we don’t know what is.

Get to “Work” listening to her hit single — it’ll pump you up for the show:



On tour supporting his 2015 release, I Love You, Honeybear, Father John Misty will be bringing his dreamy/psychedelic indie rock to Massey Hall. While his crazy antics and sarcastic stage presence have earned him a reputation for being a bit of a wild card, he’s also known for his excellent musicianship. Expect relaxed acoustic guitar strumming and piano-playing from the former Fleet Foxes member — along with backing from his full band. Trust us, this show will be worth the pricier tickets. Folk/Pop duo Tess & Dave will open.

Check out the title track from his breakthrough album:



NYC rock band Parquet Courts are set to play the Phoenix this month, soon after the release of their fifth studio album, Human Performance. Their upbeat, Pixies-esque repertoire is bound to draw an energetic crowd — and will hopefully make for an unforgettable show. Florida band Soda will kick things off.

Listen to the title track off their 2014 album, Sunbathing Animal:

TICKETS: (19+)


For a full list of shows taking place in the city this month, check out SongKick.


By: Alex Reinprecht

Review: Freddie Gibbs – Shadow of a Doubt

Two years ago, Freddie Gibbs’ career seemed destined to plateau. If nothing else, he was poised to be a very, very, good blog rapper. After falling out with (the artist formerly known as Young) Jeezy and his CTE imprint label, Gibbs made it his mission to call out the rapper on his following mixtapes, radio appearances, and interviews. By his account, Gary’s own was simply too thug to coexist on a roster with an increasingly inefficient and dishonest CEO. It was a nice cosign on paper, but in practice, it proved to be extremely disappointing and problematic. Whatever the reality of the situation was, it truly resulted in the best case scenario for Gibbs, who in the end, emerged hungrier than ever.

Two years after severing ties with Jeezy, Gibbs worked on an impressive run of street-ready bangers like “Eastside Moonwalker” and “D.O.A.”. These releases culminated in an unlikely, yet massively successful collaboration with Stone’s Throw legend, Madlib. The duo linked sporadically for a minute, which ultimately resulted in a full-length LP. On 2014’s Pinata, Madlib provided an avenue for Gibbs to refine his sound, posture himself with more ambitious flows, and weaved his most cohesive narrative to date. The album was a critical hit, appearing on many “Best Of” lists, and it projected Gibbs into the mainstream conscience. Despite Pinata’s success, it was still undoubtedly viewed as a joint effort. It was an immediate reminder of Madlib’s brilliance; becoming an important success for the backpack community, in an era oversaturated by trap-oriented aesthetics. Most noticeably, however, it forced Gibbs onto an eclectic platform, and augmented his already vicious delivery with something entirely new and refreshing.

Freddie Gibbs now follows up his best calendar year ever with, “Shadow Of A Doubt”. The gloomy and brooding collection runs 17 tracks deep, ultimately ending up as a victim of “quantity over quality”. “Shadow Of A Doubt” is a mixed bag. In fact, it’s more of a mixed duffle bag, something you’d be familiar with in listening to the rapper’s mythos. There’s a little too much being offered on this LP, and would do well in leaving a few numbers on the cutting room floor. The strength of the album lay in its first half, however, which makes a strong case for one of 2015’s best run of tracks. From “Narcos” to “Lately”, Gibbs swaggers through fine production, making it look way too easy in the process. Assists from Boi-1da, Tory Lanez, and Gucci Mane, help to paint some hypnotizingly gritty soundscapes. There are some still, however, some real duds. Take for instance, “Cold Ass N***a”, which sounds like a forgotten Pusha T demo. Then there’s the offensively boring, “Basketball Wives”, which brings the amazing and aforementioned run of 9 songs, to a screeching halt. These few stinkers make it challenging to sit through the entirety of this project. However, the handful of excellent songs are enough to salvage “Shadow Of A Doubt”, and make it something to revisit again (even if it’s only for one or two songs a sitting). This album is another notch in the belt for Freddie Gibbs. If nothing else, “Shadow Of A Doubt” is a nice way to maintain relevancy, and a way to satisfy fans new and old.


By: Aidan D’Aoust

CONTEST: Tweet To Win A Pair Of Tickets To See The Rocket Summer!

In partnership with local event promoter Homesick, SpiritLive will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to two lucky listeners to The Rocket Summer’s upcoming show on March 29th at Hard Luck Bar.

All you have to do to enter is tweet us — @spiritlive — the answer to this question:

Which famous RTA grad is featured in The Rocket Summer’s music video for his latest single, “Same Air?”

Bryce Avery is currently on tour in support of his latest LP release, Zoetic.


  • Open to all RTA: School Of Media students
  • One entry per Twitter handle
  • All Ages Event
  • Must “Like” both Homesick & SpiritLive on Facebook
  • Must “Follow” both Homesick & SpiritLive on Twitter
  • Winners will be contacted 48 hours prior to the show

Contest closes THURSDAY MARCH 24th @ 11:59 PM.

To purchase tickets to the show, click here!