Are you fed up with listening to that same old sport radio in your car, filled with misinformed callers, prehistoric opinions and calm and collected discussion? Do you want a fun and new alternative filled with steaming hot takes and ruthless debate? Well if you do, 3 on 5 is the podcast for you. 3 on 5 is a basketball debate podcast hosted by first year Sport Media students, and NBA superfans, Seth Nefsky, and Bowen Cunningham. Each episode, Seth and Bowen are joined by a guest to discuss five relevant NBA (National Basketball Association) topics, like “Can anyone take down the Golden State Warriors?” “Can the Toronto Raptors finally make the NBA Finals?” and “Who’s better: Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant?” Only, the guest will be debating one of Bowen or Seth, while the other one acts as the judge! After every topic, the judge determines a winner, and the first to win three topics, wins 3 on 5. You’ll be able to smell the competition. And although there’s no trophy or banner, nothing’s better than those 3 on 5 bragging rights. So if you love NBA basketball and cut-throat conflict, join Seth and Bowen for some steaming hot takes on 3 on 5.

  1. Episode 1 3 on 5 32:23