The Cypher

In today’s society, having talent just isn’t enough. Without a voice for the talented, it’s often difficult to showcase your true potential. The Cypher is a group of individuals that aspire to use this platform for the good to ultimately be the connecting bridge to give these underground artists/musicians the voice and attention they need to be heard. We aspire to be different and unique from all the other podcasts on Spiritlive. Every week, we will have fresh, new content and segments of our episodes. We are planning to bring in new guests of a broad spectrum of genres in music to perform special challenges, mini-games. We will provide copyright free beats for the hip hop artists to attempt to freestyle it and come up with a unique flow. We will host lyrics breakdowns similar to Genius’ and even some vox pop segments as well. Overall, our goal is to help engage these underground artists with the attention and fame they truly deserve for their accomplishing talents. We want to talk about the up and coming Toronto music scene and how it will impact the overall music scene. We have been blessed to be able to use this platform for the greater good and we are looking forward to the upcoming years of this adventure.


  1. Episode 17: Verzuz Battles and Who's The King of R&B? The Cypher 23:38
  2. Episode 16: Matthew Bayden - Producer, Manager and Drummer? And Tour Life In a Pandemic The Cypher 30:11
  3. The Cypher Episode 15: Kwaku Agyemang - Guiding Or Managing an Artist? The Cypher 29:05
  4. Episode 14: Pascal "Arpeggio" Adesina- Lessons from 2020, and Immaculate Vibes The Cypher 31:30
  5. Episode 13: Oshanna REVAMPED - Her Journey and Defining Her sound The Cypher 37:18
  6. Episode 12 Mutari - MOMMA, New Music and Foreign Sound The Cypher 1:06:12
  7. Episode 11: AkinToye - New Album Debut, Going TikTok Famous The Cypher 1:10:54
  8. Episode 10: Richard Marshall, Finding My Creative Identity The Cypher 48:22
  9. Episode 9: Tracey Kayy - Music Life In Quarantine Times The Cypher 51:05
  10. Episode 8: We back in business The Cypher 43:28
  11. Episode 7: Kei-ez Music Connections, Creative Dversity And Album Debut The Cypher 34:31
  12. Episode 6: Daniel Simpson - Performing, Church Life, Genre Bending The Cypher 1:06:31
  13. Episode 5: Sydney Song Debut, Musical Journey The Cypher 42:05
  14. Episode 4: Mr A. The Martian-Trends And His Team The Cypher 53:47
  15. Episode 3: A Preview with Producer NorthCameQ The Cypher 11:06
  16. Episode 2: KanyeWest, City Music And More The Cypher 15:58
  17. Season 2: Episode 1 The Cypher 38:03
  18. Episode 1 The Cypher 27:10
  19. Episode 1 The Cypher 28:51