Shut Up and Take Our Money!

Hey there, it’s Jadelyn and Daniela, and we are the hosts of Shut Up ‘n Take Our Money (please acknowledge that it is a very clever title and it took us an hour of texting to settle on it!). We’re both first year media production students who love pop culture, especially television and movies, so buckle in for an hour of us talking about what’s currently trending and all our favourite things! Jadelyn’s a TIFF attendee (two years in a row now, so basically an expert) and Daniela is a serial rewatcher, so we are undoubtedly qualified. If you want to listen to the soundtrack of Baby Driver or just listen to us profess our love for Timothée Chalamet, tune in and join us on Shut Up ‘n Take Our Money. We stream every Monday at 1:00 (pm) (obviously).