Premier Talk

Premier Talk is the only podcast you will need for weekly news and updates on the Premier League. Hosts Daniel Barbuto and Andrew Melo will take a deep dive into the latest news, scores, and predictions surrounding the English Premier League. The Show features weekly guests and Premier League insiders, that will provide additional insight and analysis. This is the Premier league Podcast for the fan, are you ready for kick-off? 

  1. Episode 1 Premier Talk 54:03
  2. Episode 2 Premier Talk 36:11
  3. Episode 3 Premier Talk 44:14
  4. Gunner Partey Premier Talk 1:01:33
  5. Trouble in Paradise Premier Talk 48:58
  6. Premier Talk Test V2 Premier Talk 46:22
  7. Diego Maradona Premier Talk 43:44
  8. The End of the Season Premier Talk 43:41