Episodes biweekly

Are you feeling stressed all the time? Are you feeling pushed for advancement all the time? Are you feeling the pressure from all aspects of your life that is coming after you all the time?! Well, Unjuanable is to describe an attitude or whatever. It is named after a popular Chinese word “Juan” describing how people are making meaningless progress to compete. We are your very casual host Anny (she/her) and Betty(she/her/they), trying to deliver this “couch potato” mindset to everyone for avoiding pointless struggle. We talk randomly from our background as Chinese international students to school life, identity struggles, social issues and the anecdotes we encountered in life. Let’s chillllll!

  1. What if we just want to be a couch potato? 9:09
  2. To Be Her? 10:58
  3. Our Lives in Toronto 31:37
  4. What we Have Encountered: To Juan or not to Juan? 32:27