Exploro delves into world cultures and subcultures through curated sound design for an immersive and fun experience. Listening to Exploro will make you feel like you’re running through a tropical jungle or walking through the bustling streets of a downtown core or running out of the Shire yelling, “I’m going on an adventure!”

Join hosts, Jodie Man, Ynna Saclayan, and Nikita Zhang to explore East Asian cultures in Exploro’s second season. We desire to learn more about others’ cultures and in that way, create greater empathy and understanding for one another. Whether you’re a keener for learning about cultures or just in a need of vacation getaway, there’s something for everyone at Exploro. 

Let’s get cultured together!

  1. Episode 1 Exploro 27:24
  2. Episode 2 Exploro 57:12
  3. Episode 3 Exploro 38:39
  4. Episode 4 Exploro 38:17