Engayging is your weekly LGBTQ+ focused show airing right out of Ryerson University. Hosted by Hailey Waldner and her group of comedic co-hosts Olivia Guselle, Keira Mahoney and on occasion Steven Ediriweera Engayging tackles all sorts of topics on things anyone of any age can find interesting. Living in the center of downtown Toronto provides Engayging with a step up on how many topics the hosts can cover whether it be ranking drag bars, talking about coming out experiences, to even arranging guest speakers to come in and share their personal lives on how it is living in a LGBT friendly city!

            Live Streamed not only on SpiritLive but also on youtube Engayging aims to entertain, educate and encourage other LGBT or even non LGBT people to live life to the fullest and embrace who they are as a person. With their “Bi-weekly news” and weekly LGBT artist of the week Engayging is entertaining to all audiences and hopes to have you as another weekly listener!