Are you dying to get out of the house and be active? Or dying to stay in where it’s warm? Either way, Pursuit OCR is the place that will get your heart racing and get your temperature up! This past weekend, a few of my friends and I went to celebrate a birthday and do something unconventional! Among the other high-intensity activities like taking a spin class, trying axe throwing or going to a shooting range, we chose Pursuit OCR. According to their website,, they are Canada’s largest fully indoor obstacle course training & movement centre. They used to

7 Rings of Backlash

Posted by Kevkon on  February 5, 2019
Pop singer, Ariana Grande recently released a single titled “7 Rings” which outlines her success and financial stability.  As soon as the song was released, people began to talk about how Grande’s new song made them feel about the amount of money in their pockets, and how similar certain parts of the song sounded like songs that had already been released. Despite the song reminding fans that they don’t have nearly as much money as Grande does, many claim to be happy for her because of the rough year she had in 2018.  Hours later, memes began circulating the internet.
I’m a regular public transportation user. Subway, buses, trains, cabs, and then some. Over the past few years, I’ve gathered the essentials for traveling which I will now share with Ryerson students that also can’t afford living downtown Toronto. Always bring something to read. Since there’s no service or Wifi on the subway, I usually print off my readings for school. It makes time fly and forces me to actually do my readings. Also, magazines are underrated. They’re light enough to carry in your bag, cheap, and it’s fun to look at books with photos every so often. It’s super

Is Shawn Mendes Releasing “Stuck On You”?

Posted by Kevkon on  February 5, 2019
The 20-year-old singer has undoubtedly created a name for himself after gaining recognition from a huge platform of listeners from across the globe which began with the creation of music covers on Vine. Now, Mendes has a sold-out Tour, 3 albums, and is even nominated for two Grammys as well as six Juno awards, making him one of the most influential people of all time. Since his prominence into the music industry, the Canadian pop sensation has released hit songs such as “In My Blood” and “Mercy”; among two out of many of his songs which have been featured in

10 Essential Films While Avoiding the Outdoors

Posted by Kevkon on  January 22, 2019
As we dive into this new semester, that promised freezing forecast quickly approaches. Now that venturing to the outdoors is not the most ideal activity to part take in during your free time, here are 5 conventional and 5 unconventional films to watch. The list is in no particular order, they are just my opinion of what is essential to watch whether you’re on holidays or just trying to survive the -30 degree weather. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) This film is a classic holiday film directed by Frank Capra, which follows a business man and his family as he

Where to eat Matcha Tiramisu

Posted by Kevkon on  January 20, 2019
Little Pebbles & Cheese Garden  Being a matcha big big lover myself, I love trying out all the different matcha desserts out there. So…my friend and I decided to hunt down the two places, one in Toronto and one in North York to try out their signature matcha tiramisus! Little Pebbles Matcha Tiramisu $6.00              | Rating  ★★★★☆ Hot Black Sesame Latte $4.80      | Rating  ★★★★★ Little Pebbles is a little cute modern Japanese café located right in the heart of Kensington Market! It is especially famous for their freshly baked Japanese desserts and roasted coffee. I honestly LOVED their

The Pains of Growing: Alessia Cara

Posted by Kevkon on  January 17, 2019
Twenty-two year old Canadian artist, Alessia Cara, released her second album on November 30 titled The Pains of Growing.   When listening to the album in its entirety, I tried listening for a pattern in the order of the songs. Although there are no evident patters, it was very easy to tell that all of her songs had to do with some of the experiences she had transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. The overall message of the album is that we need to become aware of the pressure society puts on us to grow up so fast.  We are expected to
Travis Scott’s Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour in Scotiabank Arena was my first concert in Toronto and has been one of the best nights of my eighteen years of existence to say the least. From an insane stage set up consisting of two life sized roller coasters to knowing every single one of Travis’s song that he played live, this is surely an experience I’m taking with me to the grave. It was so much more than a concert to me, it was a sign that I am on the right path with all the confusion and homesickness that

I continue to shape​

Posted by Kevkon on  December 1, 2018
I continue to shape​​ — UofT Art Exhibit I have conflicted feelings about modern art. On one hand, it interests me because it’s such a different style of art compared to what I make myself. On the other hand — I don’t understand it. So when I visited the ​I continue to shape exhibit at the University of Toronto Art Centre, I was ecstatic to find a thesis statement, a clear declaration of purpose, displayed in the first paragraph of the artist’s statement: “History, like all stories, is told slant, subject to distortion by those with the power to represent
The end of the semester often brings stress, sickness, and snow- but something to make it better is skating! Whether you’ve never skated before, you’re a hockey enthusiast, or you’re a figure skater like I am, there’s always a great time to be had practicing your skating. Here are some rinks you might want to check out!        Nathan Phillips Square Last Saturday, November 24th, was the opening day for Nathan Phillips Square! The cavalcade of lights, an annual event, was full of holiday festivities and a great way to kick off the season! Check it out and

Review: Burning

Posted by Kevkon on  December 1, 2018
As we prepare for the greatest season of all time, we are all scrambling to get ready. No, I’m not talking about the Holidays, I am talking about Awards Season. All the film and TV lovers, are prepping by watching anything that could be potentially a nominee. On my quest to figure out the nominations this year, I decided to watch a few films that premiered and gained some buzz at TIFF 2018. Which lead me into exploring a South Korean mystery thriller called, Burning, directed by Lee Chong-dong. Based on a short story by Haruki Murakami, the film follows

Hill House, Review

Posted by Kevkon on  December 1, 2018
  This year, avid fans of Strangers Things, like myself was disappointed to see that Strangers Things’ new season would not be premiering in October, but instead next year. Viewers were left trying to fill in the gap this year without their fill of the next chapter in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Instead, this October, Netflix decided to debut their new original horror show, The Haunting of Hill House. The series is based off Shirley Jackson’s novel which explores the idea of the haunted house as a body. The series follows the Crain family in the past and present


Posted by Kevkon on  December 1, 2018
I TOOK A TRIP TO ASTROWORLD AND IM NEVER COMING BACK     Travis Scott truly changed the game of performing, and he has built such a close relationship with fans over the past year that every-time he performs a show it becomes more and more personal. He continues to incorporate his fans into the performance, by inviting them on stage to crowd surf & to join him on the functioning rollercoaster he brought with him. Travis came to Toronto on November 21st and not only did he make the concert environment truly theatrical by having balloons everywhere, insanely lit up

Study Tips for the Exam Crunch

Posted by Kevkon on  November 26, 2018
Student Study Support Even though most of us have been studying for as long as we can remember, it can be really hard to find a study strategy that works best for you.  The following study tips are known to work with the many different kinds of learning that there are.  With final exams approaching, these tips might be useful to read and take into consideration. TIP 1: Keep organized.  Once you know the date of your test, make a plan on paper so that you can properly manage your time.  Odds are, this test won’t be the only academic
Have you been to Katsuya? It is also one of the best 100 restaurants in Canada 2016-2017 by Yelp. One of its 3 locations in Ontario is conveniently located right on the Ryerson Campus, directly across from the Kerr Hall building on Gerrard St, perfect for  students to grab for lunch and go with friends! Katsuya serves delicious and authentic Japanese fusion cutlets with a large menu selections of different sauces. Carbonara, sweet chili, curry, teri mayo and many more. The variety of sauces satisfies everyone’s taste. The best thing is that their affordable and huge size cutlet plates also